Kai-Lyn Cassidy

Commandante Kai-Lyn "Kai-Lamity" Cassidy


Strength 3
Wits 8 (10)
Extrovert 6
Introvert 1
Dexterity 8
Perception 6
Passion 1
Calm 3
Endurance 4
Tech 8
Faith 1
Ego 3

Natural skills
Learned skills
Charm 4 (6)
Acrobatics 1
Lore (Jumpweb) 1
Sleight of Hand 1
Dodge 5
Bureaucracy 0 (4)
Lore (2nd Republic) 0 (4)
Social (Acting) 0
Fight 3
Disguise 1
Lore (Starships) 1
Spacesuit (2)
Impress 3
Drive Spacecraft 8 (10)
Read Urthtech (2)
Speak (Urthish) (0)
Melee 3
Empathy 3
Read Urthish (2)
Streetwise 8
Observe 3
Gambling 1
Redemption (High Tech) 2
Think Machine 3
Shoot 5
Inquiry 1
Science (Astronomy) 1

Sneak 6
Knavery 8
Science (Sensors) 1

Vigour 3
Leadership 0 (4)
Search 0

Fusion Cel x2
Blouse, red
Jumpkeys (Madoc – BII, BII – Bastille)
Boots, black
Low-Light Goggles
Coat, Charioteer (fine)
Make-up Kit
Dress, bubblegum pink (fine)

Gloves, driving (fine)

Plain Clothing (Mechanic overalls)

Trousers, jeans
742 firebirds, 2 crests, 1 talon

Commission ( Lieutenant)
Dark Secret (Third Era Republican – Life-threatening)
Gossip Network (Boatswains – Known Worlds)
Hong Enemy (Pedro Fucale)
Obligation (Third Era – Extreme)
Riches (3000 Firebird)
Stigma (Eyes flash w/electricity w/cyber. use – mild)
Well-Traveled (Lore: Folk 1 – Known Worlds)

Beast Foe (-2 for non-combat interaction w/animals)
Crack Driver/Pilot (2 to all Drive skills)
Handsome (+1 Charm)
Nosy (-2 Calm when seeing something new)
Short (-1 Vitality, base run = 8 meters)
Well-liked (1 Charm)

Armor: Synthsilk 4D
Shield: Dueling Shield Min: 5 Max: 15 Charges: 15/15
Vitality: O O O O O O O O Wyrd: 3/3

Blaster Pistol
Boot Blade

Cybernetics: Second Brain

Kai-Lyn stands barely 5 feet tall… when wearing her low-heeled knee-high leather boots harkening back to the age of swashbucklers. Her most treasured garment is an over sized charioteer pilot jacket mantled over her petite frame. Her attire definitely fits the stereotypical charioteer mold to draw attention: a dark navy blue cowgirl hat that she must often readjust as it dips below her brow, classic 20th century fingerless driving gloves, goggles and a green bandanna hanging loosely around her neck, a gaudy gold earring with the Sanctuary Aeon crest dangling from her left ear, and a crimson red blouse that would show her modest cleavage if not for the synthsilk armour underneath. From afar, she might pull off the old west gunslinger motif but upon closer inspection the 2nd Republic era blaster pistol holstered at her belt ruins the effect.

Were she a serf, she’d likely be the most attractive woman of her village. In the bustling cities of the Known Words she is easily overlooked unless she is standing atop a crate in the agora, shouting at the top of her lungs while hawking the various trade goods she has for sale. She appears much younger than her early twenties and there is always something slightly off with her face: a smudge of dirt or grime from working on the ship, an out of place strand of hair, a piece of food lodged in her teeth, etc. Her keen blue eyes occasionally betray her wits and street smarts. That is until presented with something new or exotic and she becomes a borderline pest buzzing with a multitude of assorted queries.


Born to a lower class family on Leagueheim, Kai-Lyn’s parents worked menial jobs for the Muster. Her father was a roustabout on space-faring vessels while her mother was a receptionist at the local chapter house. A curious child, she chose to follow her father to work one day, keeping to the shadows so he couldn’t see her. She managed to sneak unto the ship as a stowaway. The crew only found the girl well into space and could not afford the delay to turn back. Luckily, her father’s presence and the ship captain’s mercy kept her from being jettisoned through the airlock or press-ganged into slavery. She befriended many of the crew and became the ship’s unofficial mascot. The most enduring friendship was with the ship’s pilot who gave Kai-Lyn her first glimpse of what it meant to be sail among the stars.

Kai-Lyn spent most of her teenage years on spaceships, both with and later without her father, learning the various tasks involved in star-craft operation. She eventually signed on to the Prophet’s Dream in order to earn her commission. She learned much under its captain and pilot, Paul Zarek, and passed the pilot exam on the first try thanks to his tutelage. She learned more than just piloting skills from him and was among his most loyal Third Era conspirators.

The two were eventually separated after she was promoted to Lieutenant within the guild thanks to his recommendation. Their paths crossed a few times over the next few years and was always a cause of elation. Kai-Lyn was in shock upon receiving the Horatio. The normally loquacious woman quietly nodded when the offer was made. She could not believe he had died, but still holds out some hope he might be out there, somewhere in the Universe.

Kai-Lyn Cassidy

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